A Carmel Child Custody Attorney

Starting a family is a huge thing, and it is such a happy time. You finally have your little baby and you can’t wait to spend as much time with them as possible. That is not always the case in Carmel, because you could separate from the other parent. When you are no longer with the other parent then the time you could have been spending with your child gets separated, as both parents have the right to see their child. Emerson Law LLC a family law firm in Carmel, is here to help you during this difficult process. They are here to ensure you are getting the proper time with your child.


Child custody is more than just the visitation rights to the child. Carmel child custody attorneys understand, that child custody is also you having the right to make important decisions on behalf of your child. You want to ensure that your rights as a parent are not being taken away from. If you have any questions about child custody or your child custody case, you need to call Emerson Law LLC a Carmel family law firm. Leave all your worries with them as they handle your case for you.