Accident Attorney Las Vegas

The lawyer who helps those affected by accidents and/or accidents at work and their families in the event of death at work (white deaths), to obtain compensation for the damages suffered, biological, moral, existential and property.


The Las Vegas personal injury law firm Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith anticipates the legal expenses and professional work of its lawyers, with the help of forensic doctors specialized in various branches of forensic medicine and road safety experts and engineers specialized in mechanics and kinematic reconstruction, guaranteeing however a direct contact with the lawyer who assists the injured person up to the Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith in Las Vegas. An accident or accident at work is defined as any event that occurred during work due to an accidental cause. accidents and injuries at work Accidents or fatal accidents occurring during the journey to work, so-called accidents or accidents while traveling, are the primary cause of accidents or fatal accidents at work.


The liability of the employer, in the event of an accident attorney Las Vegas at work resulting in death or personal injury, entails the right for the injured party or the heirs in the event of death on the job to request, also the compensation for non-pecuniary and property damage immediately. The employer's responsibility for the case of an accident at work exists for failure to comply with the obligations imposed for the protection of the worker and safety at work.