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Head trauma is a cause of lasting disability. We are talking about invisible disability. Head injuries (“TC”) can have multiple origins: car accident, domestic accident, sports accident, work accident, fall, aggression … Shocks to the head can be more or less violent, and initially cause simple disorientation (especially after a whiplash called “whiplash”), or a loss of knowledge more or less prolonged, or even a coma, up to death. In these cases it is important to hire a Stockton brain injury attorney.


Appropriate medical imaging should be performed to highlight cranial lesions and especially brain lesions. Have a great lawyer by your side with Stockton personal injury law firm Redkey Gordon Law Corp. Neuropsychological disorders (cognitive difficulties, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, sleep disorder, mood disorders, and behavioral problems) are also to be studied, as well as the extent of disability in daily and professional life, and the prospects of reintegration.  Sadly people get brain injuries all the time in Stockton.


The existence of a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) should also be sought. Too often, these so-called diffuse head injury syndromes are minimized in the context of compensation for a brain injury for a law firm in Stockton at Redkey Gordon Law Corp, due to lack of vigilance or specific competence of the workers involved in compensation.

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