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The key points of the reform: There comes the Chicago big family court. The family court is responsible for all possible disputes between spouses and former spouses and parents and in-laws. Katz & Stefani, LLC a Chicago family law firm, is also responsible for adoptions and all violent protection procedures. The emergency decision does not come. Furthermore, at least the applicant must be represented by a lawyer. Also in all maintenance matters, there will be lawyers in the future.

All decisions are in the form of a decision. Hiring a Divorce Attorney Law Firm Chicago can help your case. A divorce decree will therefore no longer exist in the future, the divorce decree takes its place. Accordingly, the only appeal is the (immediate) appeal. All decisions must be accompanied by an appeal. The interim order becomes an independent procedure with its own cost decision. The procedures relating to parental care, intercourse and children’s issues are then called child-related matters. The previous childhood matters are in future descent matters. In the future, it will not be compulsory, but regulatory, that will be imposed on those who abuse boycott.

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