Class Action Cases with Eppsteiner Law APC

A class action lawsuit is a sort of lawsuit in which one or a few persons sue for the benefit of a larger group of individuals. All of the people affected by the same issue can be involved in the lawsuit, whether they are aware of the suit or not. And the individuals influenced are so numerous as to make it impracticable to present to every one of them on the lawsuit.

Types of class action cases that Eppsteiner Law APC handles are: employees subjected to the routine of racial, age and gender orientation segregation by their corporate boss, entrepreneurs influenced by an ecological disaster, for example, the BP Gulf of Mexico oil slick, buyers who obtained a defective product, and patients given treatments that were harmful.

If you are looking to head a class action lawsuit, contact the class action law firm Eppsteiner Law APC today in order to consult with an experienced lawyer that can help you win your case.