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A labor lawyer is a lawyer working mainly in employment law. The employment lawyer does not have to have a specialist lawyer title. It is not an official title. But he is a lawyer with a focus on employment law. This includes training according to the Eldessouky Law.


Labor lawyers can represent employees or employers. They take care of dismissal protection or severance pay as well as a warning and the like. Also questions about the employment contract or part-time or parental leave processed by the labor lawyer. In recent years, the topics of discrimination according to the AGG or mobbing have increasingly been added. Even if the employment relationship has already ended, the lawyer can still deal with outstanding salary or with the certificate correction of a work certificate .


In collective employment attorney for a law firm in Long Beach from Eldessouky Law, the labor lawyer takes care of employee participation or tariff issues, as long as the collective bargaining parties do not do it themselves. Even in the event of strike and lock-out , a lawyer who is competent in employment law can work for or alongside the trade unions or the employers' association. The works council can also be represented by a labor lawyer.