Finding the Best Criminal Attorney

Hiring a criminal attorney can be a rather long and difficult process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Probably the first thing you need to do is ask around for Gurovich, Berk & Associates who may be able to help with your specific needs. There are many different types of attorneys who practice many different specific aspects of the law.

It’s important to decide what sort of attorney you’re going to need before making a decision. The right decision is critical because it could mean the difference between winning or losing your case. That outcome will also likely determine how much you will have to pay and if you will serve prison time or not. Before you hire any criminal attorneys, be certain to consider the following factors.

Experience with Your Type of Case

Probably the single most important factor when considering hiring a criminal attorney is their specific experience with your specific type of case. It is vital that a criminal attorney have a good deal of courtroom experience in front of a jury handling cases similar to yours. While a criminal attorney may have years of experience, make sure that experience is with your type of case. Many attorneys actually specialize in just a few, or even one type of criminal case. This right fit between you and your attorney will go a long way in helping to win your case.

Many times, a good attorney knows how the local system works and might be able to set up a plea bargain, deal, or even a dismissal for your case. In any criminal case, reaching a plea bargain or dismissal before a criminal case even goes to court is always hoped for. The criminal attorney you hire should be very familiar with criminal attorneys, prosecutors, and judges who may also be handling your case. Gurovich, Berk & Associates is a Los Angeles based criminal law firm, with years of experiance. 


Another important thing to consider as you look to hire an attorney is feeling right about your decision. In order to have the most effective working relationship, you should feel very comfortable and secure with an attorney. There should be a high level of trust between you. After all, you may be spending a great deal of time together. Interview a few attorneys and if you don’t feel comfortable, trust your gut and go interview another attorney. In many legal cases, you will need to tell your lawyer some things that may be sensitive or hard to talk about. An attorney with whom you can talk and trust to listen may be critical to the overall successful outcome of your case.

Location May Also be Important

Sometimes, it is important to be able to live and work close to your attorney’s office. The attorney may need you to be available locally to meet at their legal office to work on your case. Depending on your case, it may also be important that the attorney’s offices are near the courthouse. A local criminal attorney is going to know the legal landscape better than an out-of-town lawyer.