Get Compensation for Your Bicycle Accident

Victims of bicycle-related accidents can take legal action against a negligent motorist or pedestrian who is partially or wholly responsible. For a person to make a bicycle accident claim, he or she needs to show the driver was careless or in outright violation of driving rules. The victim needs to also prove there was a breach of legal duty and that the driver’s behavior resulted in the crash or accident. They also need to demonstrate that they sustained physical loss or suffered injury as a result of the bicycle accident.

At Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP, we have dedicated and professional biycle accident lawyers who are dedicated to helping victims fight for justice. We understand the intricacies of bicycle accident cases and we’re ready to provide you with sound advice and best legal representation. Working in consultation with your medical personnel and financial advisor, we’ll be able to estimate the maximum settlement you’re entitled to as compensation.