Paternity attorney.

Paternity is the legal term for establishing that an individual is, in fact, the father of a child. Paternity can have many legal implications that go along with it. If an individual is declared to be the father of a child that child will be entitled to certain benefits that come along with it. These include access to medical benefits, insurance benefits, inheritance, child support and other obligations that go along with being the child of an individual.

A good paternity lawyer can help you to invoke your rights if you believe you are the father of a child and are seeking custody, visitation, or some other kind of parental rights over a child you believe is yours. A paternity lawyer is also useful in disputing allegations that a man is the father of a child entitling the child to support payments and other benefits that go along with being the issue of an individual.

Paternity is a family law issue and, as such, is litigated in a Family Court and follows state law. Every state has its own requirements when it comes to paternity issues. A paternity lawyer should have the knowledge and expertise in that particular jurisdiction to successfully argue for or against paternity. At Anton Legal Group family law firm in Tampa, FL they offer the best attorneys that will help get through tiresome law procedures.