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Truck accidents are generally not caused by careless driving. Inadequately maintained trucks alone lead time and again to real and wild mishaps. To be honest, the Department of Transportation estimates that about 30% of all breakdowns are due to problems with the truck’s brakes. Find your Carrizozo personal injury lawyer at NM Truck Accident Attorneys. On the occasion that you have been injured in a mishap, or on the occasion that you have lost a friend or family member to a lorry accident, you may be eligible for compensation.


An inadequately maintained truck could be the reason for your misfortune in Carrizozo. In 2010, the Department of Transportation introduced another Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program to ensure the wellbeing of large trucks on our country’s parkways. All trucks must be CSA friendly, and a significant part of this implies ensuring that trucks are properly maintained. Brakes, lights and tires should be three important segments of a truck’s maintenance plan. Sprayed brakes, a dark or dark truck or a broken tire could bring bad luck. It is important to hire a Carrizozo truck accident attorney.

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