Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

What is the job of a criminal defense lawyer?


Criminal defense attorneys provide legal representation to individuals charged with criminal offenses. Their job is to protect the rights of the accused by presenting evidence, resources and testimony in a court of law. Criminal defense lawyers also negotiate with prosecutors on behalf of their clients in order to reach a plea bargain or dismissal if possible. In some cases, they may even challenge the credibility of witnesses or the constitutionality of the law. It is their duty to ensure that their client has a fair trial and that justice is served.


Criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting their clients' rights, helping them navigate through difficult legal proceedings, and representing them in court. They strive to provide an aggressive, yet ethical defense and often go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their clients receive justice. Criminal defense attorneys are critical in upholding due process and ensuring that individuals accused of crimes are treated fairly under the law. They provide invaluable services to those who need it most, helping them clear their name and get back to leading a normal life. If you do need a criminal attorney call the Los Angeles criminal defense law firm Kosnett Law Firm for assistance.


With experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system, Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys are well-equipped to provide the legal assistance their clients need. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Los Angeles County, they can provide valuable assistance and representation. Contact an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer today to protect your rights.