Get a Los Angeles Class Action Lawyer

A class action case is when something has harmed or effected a large group of people who get in on a law suit. One example is Volkswagen made cars with the false claim that they had zero emissions, when what they had really done is put something in the car to make it say it had zero emissions when it went through smog. This was misleading and false advertising that effected every person who had bought that type of car. Having a class action in Los Angeles is just making your consumer action case opened up to more people. This allows for more people to get compensation for the wrong that was done to them. Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP are a Los Angeles labor and employment law firm who have handled countless class action lawsuits in their career. Consumer fraud is also another name for the consumer protection or consumer action cases.  


When you have a skilled class action Los Angeles lawyer on your case it will make your life easier. They will know what data needs to be collected, they’ll know how to get other people involved, and they will know how to go after this case. You will want them on your side. The lawyers at the Los Angeles labor law firm, Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP know what could count as a class action case. False advertising, misleading product labeling, unfair debt collection practices, billing fraud, robot calls and spam, and unfair bank and lender practices would all be things that could turn into a class action. Do not hesitate to call a lawyer, this can help you and other people get the justice you deserve.