Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney

However, what if the perpetrator of the collision is an uninsured cyclist (no OC) and at the same time your car does not have an AC policy? If you have been involved in a cyclist accident contact a Portland bicycle accident attorney.


1. Call the Portland police. The police will determine the cyclist's details, eventual witnesses of the incident and guilty causing the collision. If it is not possible to determine who was at fault or the cyclist disagrees with the police's assessment of the situation, the matter will be referred to the court.


2. Take pictures and establish witnesses of the event. It will be your evidence on which you will be able to base your claim in the future against damages in court proceedings against a cyclist. Therefore, remember that the more photos and witnesses, the better for you.


3. Write a joint statement about a traffic incident (the so-called declaration of confession). It should contain personal and address data of event participants, vehicle and bicycle data involved in the collision, data on eventual witnesses, date and place of making the statement and a detailed description of the place, time and course of the event. Remember that this statement should be signed by both parties involved in the collision, i.e. by the perpetrator and the aggrieved party. Such a statement should be printed in advance and secured in the car or attached to the vehicle registration document. Call Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman Portland personal injury law firm to help you.