Child Custody Attorney Port St Lucie.

The first and central question with far-reaching consequences is the one with which parent the child should live in the future, what about in Port St Lucie. The answer has far-reaching consequences: the person with whom a minor child lives, who takes care of it and looks after it, completely fulfills its obligation of maintenance towards the child through this care.  The Law Office of Denise Miller, P.A. are a Port St Lucie family law firm.


Only the other parent is cash-dependent, he must pay to the other child maintenance. You may need to contact a child custody attorney Port St Lucie. Who cared for a toddler and therefore can not be employed, usually also has its own maintenance claim against the other spouse, so that in addition to the maintenance of children and spouse maintenance must be paid by the one at which the child does not live (to the For details, see the chapter " Maintenance "). But also with regard to all other matters of personal and wealth concern which are of great importance to the child (see the chapter "Effects of Marriage – Parental Care for Children"), common decisions must be brought about. Only on matters of "daily life" decides the spouse alone, where the child is staying. Hire a lawyer from the Port St Lucie family law firm of The Law Office of Denise Miller, P.A.