Hiring a Grandparent’s Rights Lawyer from San Bernardino

It is known that children benefit from family relationships. Relationships with their parents, their siblings, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents. Which is why when the parents of the child try to keep the child from seeing you for petty reasons, you could benefit from having a San Bernardino grandparent’s rights lawyer. They can help you get the courts to recognize that you deserve the right to see them. When you get a lawyer it allows you the chance to have a court order saying you are allowed to have a relationship with your grandchild. Without it you could be in a position to not see your grandchild.


It is typically up to the parents to determine how often their child can see their grandparents, and more often than not, this works out pretty well for everyone. On the irregular chance that the parents are not allowing you to visit your grandchild that is when a lawyer from San Bernardino can be the most helpful. They can help you get the family time that you need. Find comfort in hiring a lawyer, when you hire Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a family law firm in San Bernardino. They understand how important it is for you to spend time with your family.