Inglewood Child Custody Lawyer

When you have a child you want to be the person who cares for them, who makes sure they have everything that they need, as well as be the one who makes decisions on their behalf. When you are in a relationship with the person you have the child with you are able to do these things together. As both parents you can make the choices on behalf of your child’s education, religious, medical, and social choices. You also both get to see the child every single day. Now if you are in Inglewood and you break up, things will change a bit. When you no longer live with the other parent of your child or if you and the other parent ended on really bad terms things will change drastically. Harris Family Law Group are a family law firm in Inglewood who can help you navigate this very difficult time for you.


Now just because you and your ex are not on great terms does not mean that you have lost all rights to your child. That is where a child custody lawyer Inglewood would come in. You still have the right to see your child, and in most situations still make choices on their behalf though you will probably have to work that out with the other parent. The Inglewood family law firm, Harris Family Law Group wants to help make sure that you are getting that needed time to bond with your child as well as make sure you get to make the right choices for your child.