Reasons to Seek Employment Law Advice

If you run a business, then you will no doubt be keen to look after your company and to protect it from litigation. Here are some areas where employment law specialists can help: 1. TUPE This is an important area of employment law and covers the situation where employees can be taken from one business to another when a takeover or part acquisition takes place. 2. It is law that employers disseminate certain types of information to employees and discuss a range of topics with them. Many companies are ignorant about their duties and can find themselves in a precarious position if they are not addressed. Most employees have a good understanding of their rights so it is important to be informed. 3. When a business is required to restructure its business, either through shuffling staff from one department to another, amending roles or even making redundancies, then formal consultations are required by law. If more than 20 staff are to be made redundant over a period of 90 days this is a requirement. 4. There may be a time when an employee feels driven to an employment tribunal to resolve a problem with their employment rights. Tribunal representation can cut down on the amount of time and money required to manage this situation by the employer. Advice and help from employment law experts is invaluable in these cases and will ensure the issue is resolved quickly. 5. Employment law is constantly changing and it can be hard work keeping on top of the new regulations and requirements. The services of an employment law solicitor can be very useful and can help you to navigate the many pitfalls of dealing with staff on a day-to-day basis. It can dramatically reduce the instances of dispute. At Broslavsky & Weinman an employment law firm in San Bernardino, can support your human resources function with expert employment law advice.

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